Nothing seems to strike anxiety in a pet owner’s heart quite like hearing the words “required temperament evaluation” and brings up a lot of questions. Our temperament evaluations allow each of our clients to have the very best experience at Roverchase. Please read through our FAQ below to learn more about this process. If you still have questions, please don’t hesitate to email us or call us.

What is a Temperament Evaluation?
It is important to realize that Temperament Evaluation can mean different things at different facilities and not all evaluations are created equally. Here at Roverchase, Temperament Evaluation is a term that we use to describe our intake process for new four-legged clients. It allows us to determine who your pet is and where they will be most comfortable in our variety of services. Roverchase only has one goal with Temperament Evaluations and that is to gain specific knowledge about your individual pet so that we can best serve him in every capacity.

Who performs this evaluation? What makes them qualified?
All of our temperament evaluations is overseen by a Certified Canine Behavior Consultant and Certified Professional Dog Trainer wiith more than 1500 certified hours of certified canine behavior experience and is certified in numerous areas.

What happens during the evaluation? How does it work?
Evaluation days are scheduled by our efficient front office staff after you fill out our fast and easy online new client registration. On your scheduled evaluation day, your pet will enjoy four hours of fun-filled activities designed for Roverchase to learn all about his individual preferences for play, rest, and socialization. You can rest easy knowing that your best friend is constantly supervised by our trained professional staff who will meet his every need. When you return to pick up your pet from his evaluation day, you will receive a detailed report outlining you dogs day and our professional recommendations. Your pet will then be assigned to his specially chosen play group that is perfectly suited for your individual dog’s play style and preferences.

What if my dog fails?
This is truly a case where no one “fails.” It is not the purpose of the Temperament Evaluation to get a “passing score”, in fact, there is no passing score. The purpose of the Temperament Evaluation Day is to allow your dog to let us know where he is most comfortable and happy. Some dogs, like some people, simply do not enjoy large social gatherings. Some dogs, just like some people, are more introverted and appreciate a few close friends rather than large boisterous crowds. Introverted dogs are no less correct, healthy, or well behaved than extroverted dogs. The process of the Temperament Evaluation is to make sure Roverchase has all the information we can to give your pet exactly what will make him his most happy and comfortable self.

Why does the Temperament Evaluation take 4 hours?
Roverchase strives to provide the very best service in every area for both our two and four legged clients. It is with this goal that we decided to have evaluation days rather than a quick “meet and greet.” We feel that dogs behave very differently when they are nervous and in a new situation, and it’s not fair or kind to rush them with quick introductions that might make them feel uncomfortable. Our evaluation days allow your dog to get to know our staff and facility in a relaxing, comfortable way that is best for his emotional and physical well-being. Rushing dogs by “flooding” them into a new situation has been scientifically proven to do great harm to the animal’s emotional and physical well-being. Your dog will spend the day touring the facility with his caregiver without the stress or distraction of other dogs. Once he is calm and comfortable, we will introduce him to a few dogs in a small play area. After having ample time to adjust to his new friends, we will assess his body language and communication. If he seems to be enjoying himself, he will have the opportunity to join a large play group for the rest of the day. If your dog seems stressed, anxious, or just not having fun, he will enjoy his Evaluation Day in the lap of luxury with his caregiver in a private suite, plush bed, and many one-on-one cuddle walks.

What if I can’t pick my dog up after 4 hours?
Your dog is welcome to stay with us the entire day of his Evaluation Day! We require that your dog stay at least four hours but we would love to have him all day long!

How much does the evaluation cost?
The evaluation is $15 and includes all day play, observation by our behavior professional, potty walks, and a private suite if needed.

Can I be with my dog for the evaluation?
Here at Roverchase, we understand that your relationship with your dog is very special and unique. Because of this special bond between you and your dog, your dog will behave differently depending on whether he is with you or not. For this reason, we perform the temperament evaluations without the owner in the play groups.

What if my dog has passed a temperament evaluation somewhere else? Can he be exempt from the temperament evaluation day?
Because Roverchase is dedicated to using a scientifically sound behavior model implemented by a certified behavior specialist, we cannot accept evaluations from other facilities. However, we will absolutely take all of you and your dogs hard work with training and evaluations from other facilities into consideration during your dog’s Roverchase Evaluation Day.